Aviation & Ports
It’s a platform for multiple project participants to collaborate Establish a successful course with project-wide processes
This tool keeps all your team members aligned with the project goals. As all the information they need is readily available. Thus they can work with confidence knowing what is required of them.
Access to large scale files
ADDDED247 is a technological tool that will allow you to upload extensive data within a short time. You can upload, register, and also create a project-wide achievement that can be used by the entire project team.
Design quality
All the review processes will be incorporated from blueprints to the design analysis to MEP and shop drawings
Delays are very visible
All the projects and workflows in the project can be controlled easily with ADDDED247! You will be ready in all the control processes for updating and reviewing any form of documents.
Accountability is built-in
The ADDDED247 is perfect for projects with complex structures such as the PPPs and the JVs. The robust reporting tools which are inbuilt in the ADDDED247 will make it easier to enforce appropriate levels of accountability.
Experts to implement and train
Team of experts will implement and train users and enable you to have long term goals
Significant in cases of allowing for permits and compliance
You will also be able to manage every aspect of the permit processing, monitoring, and
and have all the statutory required documents for review
Promotes quick set up
The tool is useful and bringing together all the team members to collaborate so that productivity is quickly achieved. The 100% cloud will imply that there is no hardware or any software to be installed hence giving easy access.
Freedom with the choice of location
The ADDDED247 will do it. They are available from virtually anywhere.
Enhanced project control
ADDDED247 is a tool that has dramatically improved control over processes and workflows.
Simplify the procurement process
ADDDED247 will increase the efficiency of all the bid and contract management procedures. It also promotes transparency with no compromise on confidentiality.