Processflow Management
Set up an efficient workflow management system on Addded247 which is designed for engineering and construction projects.
There is no denying the advantage that can be brought by a well-planned workflow. It is a significant boost in the overall project performance as it standardizes the review process and approval processes. Additionally, it will help ease the whole workflow process and improve data capture. All this is made possible by the automation of all processes. Adopt addded247 to streamline all project processes.
Improved Quality
Have centralized management of design reviews, which ensures everybody is up to date and aligned with the project’s goals and working on the latest documents and drawings.
Improved Design Review
Ensure an efficient design review that reduces time, cost and risk on the project while at the same time promoting collaboration between all the stakeholders of the project,
Streamlining all the Submittals
All submittals of a project are essential to its success and should be easily accessible. As anyone in the construction industry, you need a platform that you will share and review documents easily.
Process Efficiency
All the submittals are managed in a cloud platform that reduces all the administration tasks and turnaround times with everything automated. Documents attached to submittals are auto registered in the document register
Save Time with Design Review
Reduce the times needed to review simple designs, construction drawings and technical designs by a half.
Improved visibility
Easily search for workflows to determine what has been assigned, pending, or past due date; alternatively running predefined reports can help you get a good idea of project status. A recent report of customers surveyed indicated that there was improved visibility in the process bottlenecks and delays.
Strong Audit Trail
Have all your submittals come through a standardized workflow, which ensures that a complete record of every activity of the project is always available.
Increased Productivity
Addded247 cloud-based platform makes it easy for anyone on the project to share and manage processes irrespective of where their location is at any time.
Increased Transparency
Transparency makes it possible to monitor everyone and every task in real-time. Thus, it makes it easy to identify bottlenecks at an early stage before they accumulate and lead to significant delays.
Minimize Review Times
With our platform, all design documents can be developed in a faster way as compared to a generic file-sharing system. Consequently, you can automatically track every action done in the platform and control who has access to the information on the platform.
Manage all the Shop Drawings
Have a single place that provides a foundational structure and organized access for all design and shop drawings, or any other data..
Track the Progress of your Projects
Access full tracking and detailed reporting of the workflows for all the teams in the project. The automated control process gets more work done in a shorter time.
Operate from Anywhere
With ADDDED247, you can manage all the workflows regardless of where you are. It does not matter whether it is at the airport, the office, or onsite, you can access ADDDED247, from anywhere anytime.