Neutral Platform
Equal rights to all project organizations is the key to increased adoption. ADDDED247 is a trusted platform driving the adoption of all teams in a project
The successful completion of the project can be achieved by keeping up to date with what is happening in real-time and ensure that the information is readily available to the right people upon request. That is what this construction management software enables an organization to achieve.
It’s a neutral project-wide platform that avails all the information of the organization from the largest owner to the smallest subcontractor—hence giving them a sense of ownership and control. With the neutrality, it helps build trust and drives adoption in the project. As a consequence, you get richer project information, which translates to the ultimate success of the construction process.
Higher adoption than in any other construction management platforms
For Addded247, everything is user-friendly and there are no super users. All project participants can access the information that is made available to them, which encourages its widespread use.
Have control over all the information. Have the veto powers to decide who accesses the information
You have the total control and ownership of all your data. Thus, you can share the documents with those who need the information.
The audit trail
Since more people will be collaborating on a project, this necessitates a more comprehensive audit trail that the software guarantees to its users. For fast and easy reference, use the metadata to look for information. Most stakeholders are optimistic about having a complete audit trail with this software.
Maintain focus on your project data
Why should anyone assume the risk of securing data that do not belong to your organization? With Addded247 neutral platform the risk is eliminated
A platform built for success
By leveling the playing field for all participants of the project, it ensures that the success of the organization is in everyone’s best interest. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of the whole team and at the same time reducing risk. The end result is a better outcome in the project’s success.
No lost information
ADDDED247 is different from traditional emails and other collaboration systems. For us, we do not limit you on the amount of information that can be transmitted. No longer will you lose an email or have an attachment blocked
Mitigate risk through information control- process control
ADDDED247 standardizes processes from the first moment, which ensures that quality data is captured and controlled such that the information is only available to the right people at the right time.