Share and Manage Documents
Managing projects documents is essential for successful project completions. The information has to be distributed easily to all stakeholders such as owners, consultants, PM and contractors. There needs to be a document management software built for construction and engineering projects, which will ensure that there is a swift access to documents such as designs, shop drawings, specifications, contracts, reports, schedules and many more.
Get instant access to the current design documents without having to search or do not work on the wrong design files.
Transmittal Efficiency
With an automated process of mailing transmittals, that time required in completing the task is reduced significantly.
Latest Version
Always ensure that all of your teams have access to the latest version of documents and they can also access it from anywhere at any time.
Enhanced Data Distribution
It serves as the only trusted source of information for an organization. This makes it easy to distribute documents and design efficiently with all internal members and external members too
Single Source of Truth
Addded247 serves as a single source of truth of information for the entire project. It allows storage of different number of files regardless of size and file type. With the platform, you can avoid lost information.
It ensures that each organization has a secure form of data storage. Each organization has a unique document register with all project documents. Security is enhanced by ensuring data is transferred to the intended project participants only.
Reduce Time Wastage
The platform will help you reduce the time for creating transmittal by over 75% and document uploading by over 70%.
Access everything from your browser.
Because everything is digitized, you reduce the cost of sharing any files of any size and format. You can monitor what documents have been delivered, what is remaining, and at what stage the documents are. Only at a glance of your dashboard
Current Version

  • Ensure that everyone works on the latest version.
  • Powerful audit trail.
  • All mails, forms and documents are safely stored in our platform and can be accessed with google-like queries. Here, nothing ever gets lost or deleted.

Access project information any time and everywhere
Have your project information with you whenever you go. In the office, site, or any other place. Thus, there is no excuse to delay the decision because of the inaccessibility of data.
Access all the project documents from a common data environment
In reality, most projects are run-on-site, and other processes are run in an office. The Addded247 access allows for collaboration with your teams wherever they are and at any time.
Manage versions
With Addded247, you can ensure that everyone can access and retrieve the latest and current version for the project information.
A permanent record of documents.
With an iron-clad audit trail, a permanent record is kept of all documents and mails. Everything is stored permanently, and nothing ever gets lots.
No lost data
Information transmitted through Addded247 cannot be deleted. We only allow for sharing.
Organize all meetings
Manage all meeting agendas from the distribution of agendas, minutes assigning, and tracking actions.
Get information very easily
You can get the information that you need by quickly searching through the robust metadata-based search options and keywords on Addded247, which makes it extremely easy to get the information.
Email notifications
Receive email notification when a task needs to be actioned
Fast search
Get exactly what you are looking for with our google-like search that crosschecks millions of documents in seconds.