Big Brain Reporting & Dashboard
An efficient reporting and process automation system that optimizes performance and keeps every task on schedule
ADDDED247 provides you with graphical tools and customizable reports that you can access vital information whenever you require it. Get the data, then run the reports in real-time to get the deep insights about the project that you will require to optimize the project results. ADDDED247 brings together all stakeholders to contribute to the continuous improvement of the projects.
Track project performance
With good visualizations such as dashboards, it is easy to understand everything and make improved decisions.
Exclusive dashboards
Dashboards provide improved visibility to the project performance and are, therefore, powerful reporting tools.
Insights for informed decision-making
Access all the data that you need from our platform to make better decisions.
A simplified view of every information
All correspondences, and tasks can be tracked from your window. Thus, you can get all information that you need to make a decision.
Complete Control
Take full control of all the processes by accessing real-time data, which gives you the visibility of the overall performance, which makes it easy to identify bottlenecks, and therefore resulting in the overall increase in productivity.
Get every information you need
Have project-wide visibility in all processes to measure performance and help in improving efficiency.
Always be informed
There are extensive options that list, sort, and filter essential information, such as detailed reports, RFI overdue, Nonconformance reports and transmittal reports.
Transform insights into performance
Optimize all the key processes, such as design reviews, RFIs, variations, daily progress reports and more.
Select the best level of detail.
Addded247 platform accommodates all sorts of information from high-level snapshots to detailed processes. Since all processes are captured reports and dashboard can be configured easily and made available with a personalized view.