Project Mails & Forms
Keep track of all communication progress. An effective project communication management. ADDDED247 improves information management by having a centralized communication system where all message correspondence such as emails, or communication to match your unique business processes are stored in the organization mail register. Further, the software tracks every interaction and provides you with an audit trail of all your project mails at any time.
Manage all the Projects Information
The efficiency in the management of project’s information is enhanced by the use of a single communication platform. In return, there is a fast turnaround to the RFI process.
RFIs and Response
Adopt an automated RFI with a standardized digital process that has project-wide visibility and hence avoids the limitations of manual RFIs. Manage and coordinate RFI response from multiple stake holders.
Single Source of Information.
A single source of truth for the organization is so important if they are to manage or solve disputes.
Issuing Site Instructions
You can now give site instructions and directions in a trusted platform by streamlining communication cycle times.
Approvals distribution
Keep the project going by distributing all the requests and approvals at the convenience of a button.
Well-Organized Project
You have a well-structured inbox where all correspondence is a good structure with the documents and data associated with each document automatically linked.
Manage claims
The platform will help you reduce the time for creating transmittal by over 75% and document uploading by over 70%.
Access everything from your browser.
An organization with a well-structured and easily manageable information system helps in assessing the validity of claims.
Tracking and managing process.
You can track RFI with intelligent search, which keeps you updated with the current progress hence avoiding bottlenecks. In general, you reduce the turnaround time by over 70%
Efficient Process
A superior control of all project information and a single source of data for all projects.
Easy to Configure
ADDDED247 ensures that you get the correct data format in a customizable form. Therefore, you can design forms to create fields that suit your RFI process.
Team-wide access
Have team-wide access to all the information about the project to ensure that everyone is up to date with the project. New entries to the team will also know what is required and what is not.
Robust Audit Trail
Everything sent or received through Addded247 is automatically saved. Nothing is ever deleted; thus, you have a rock-solid audit trail which can be your rescue when disputes arise.
Information that Reaches The Recipient
To use every instruction that you send always reaches the recipient. To us, sent implies received.
One-Stop-Shop for Project Information.
With Addded247, nothing ever gets lost. All the instructions and correspondences, and instructions are always threaded together and have a clear outline of all your decisions and actions.
Organizational Goals
A strategized and effective change management process, which minimizes risks such as cost overrun or delays.
Well-Organized Project Correspondence Service
You have a well-structured inbox where all correspondence is a good structure with the documents and data associated with each document automatically linked.
Integration with Outlook
You can continue using your preferred email client-outlook. ADDDED247 does not restrict you from using the outlook service, and you can send and reply to emails directly from within outlook.
Swift Search
You can easily find project mails in an organization without the need to remember the mail content.
Progress tracking
Track the project progress. Fill in the daily progress reports from site. Dashboards are an effective way of getting critical information in a clear and concise way. You can easily view the status of each activity and know what is completed and what isn’t. This will help you know what to do next. Its advantage is that you reduce the change request cycle significantly.
Manage Delays and Extension of Time
Addded247 helps you manage delays so that you can avoid cost overruns and the impacts of a delayed project.
Common Data Environment
Swift communication with everyone in the organization is made possible by a central access to all the project information.
Directory for the Whole Project
Avoid duplications with an accurate global directory that automatically updates when users are added to the project.
Accomplished Project Record
You can register all your existing outlook emails into our platform, they are integrated as part of your project and, therefore, can never be lost or deleted.