Why should You Choose Us?
We are the only construction management software that is fast to deploy in a project, user friendly and reasonably priced.
A common characteristic of all modern construction management software’s that you will identify upon taking a closer look at this software is that they are all cloud-based, have mobile apps, and are user-friendly. They are all enticing features, but what makes ADDDED247 a software worth for your company? Here you will get the answers to this question.
Reliable Collaboration
Complete visibility and control of all the project processes cutting through the organization and is a trustable collaborative system for each project.
Platform of its own kind that is fast and easy to set up
Our user-friendly and easily customizable platform ensures that it’s easy and fast to map to the needs of your project requirements. With this flexibility, it’s possible to manage a wide portfolio of projects with ease.
Low Subscription Fee
Chose to pay quarterly or annually. Our offerings include processes ranging from design and construction, quality and safety, project controls to handover.
Easy to Use
With Addded247, collaboration among the project members is limitless. Project members have access to the information. Furthermore, it’s very easy to use. The platform provides each organisation with a unique workspace where they can store their own data.
Process visibility gives the managers more control
In a large system, there needs to be a more accurate understanding of how it works. With increased project visibility, stakeholders can identify the company’s bottlenecks, ensure accountability in the project, and make improved decisions. Moreover, the secure audit trail helps avoids disputes and, if any, resolving becomes simpler.
A Consolidated Project Information.
Sometimes isolated projects and data could lead to insufficient project information. However, with ADDDED247, it ensures that the critical processes across the entire project lifecycle are carried out.
Neutral and flexible platform
In most cases, there is a software that is fast to set-up but disappoints you by their inflexibility to configure your project processes. With ADDDED247, you gain the benefits of a fast and flexible platform. Easy to configure, easy to train and easy to get started. Moreover a platform that’s neutral and drives adoption.
Pay as you go and ability to grow with your needs
As your business grows with time, Our platform quickly adapts your needs as you grow. Single platform for your portfolio will give you enhanced project visibility and increased performance
The safest platform and the best experts
We have met all the international standards, which include, two-factor authentication, and security options spanning multiple levels of control. We also deliver projects to countries around the world. In addition, we have a customer service that is readily available and support calls from different countries.
Mitigate risk by getting top security platform
Risk is minimized by having a secure system, guaranteed compliance, being updated with the latest technologies and innovations, and getting help whenever you need it.
Decision Making, and Swift Handover
The platform ensures we save all your essential information at all the stages of the project cycle, including a quality handover of the whole project at the end.