All project members united through a single platform that is powered by Addded247 ADDDED247 gives you a way to manage dozens of processes in a single platform Efficiency in all the project stages
You need to be in control of your projects
You can manage all the information and processes across your organization. All you need to do is to ensure that everyone has access to up to date information. You can do this by ensuring that you keep up to date files, models, and files.
Great tool for global teams
ADDDED247 is a platform that is built for the project teams across the project. The platform is online and available all the time and accessible from a browser
Its suits megaprojects
The platform is especially suited for large and complex projects. There is ultimately no limits on data file sizes and the users!
Easy tracking and working on up to date information
ADDDED247 allows you to track all processes and engineering documentation with the best version controls to ensure that everyone is working on up to date information.
Great tool for all stages of permitting and licensing!
ADDDED247 is an effective tool that will be useful in all stages, whether you are obtaining a construction permit and licenses or anything about the permitting and licensing.
All processes are standardized
The project-wide workflows will accord you with robust reporting and quality insights and it takes care of cases of errors.
Safety compliance
ADDDED247 helps you meet all the complex compliance requirements by ensuring that users can work on a piece of centralized information respiratory. You can conveniently prepare plans, reports, regulatory submissions, permit applications, and also documentations.
Efficient and quick implementation
Getting started with ADDDED247 is simple. It takes days or weeks for everything to run smoothly.
Unlimited training and support
ADDDED247 has a network of smart staff working globally to offer unparalleled support to all users. Unlimited Training and Support is offered
The fact that the platform has been made with the highest standards is an assurance of safety. Third parties have routinely audited our platform.
Great tool for bidding and tendering
The ADDDED247 can distribute all packages of digital documents with very few clicks. It is great for helping in promoting a transparency bidding process that simplifies all the procedures for bidding.