Control information and processes project-wide Take full control and protect your margin ADDDED247 is a platform that effortlessly grants compliance
Easy file upload
The platform is efficient when it comes to adding documents. All sizes and types of files are easily uploaded into the system.
Improve productivity
ADDDED247 is a platform that will standardize document control and workflow functionality, which will keep the work moving. Across all the functions. The users have access to tools that can significantly improve their workflows.
All processes can be tracked
When using the ADDDED247, you get a smart tool that will simplify every process. You will be able to track everything from submittals, RFIs and also bids
Register and get started
To actively participate in the platform, you will only need to register your organization after which you invite your owner, consultants, contractors, and sub-contractors to the project.
Better collaboration
Working on one central and neutral platform will allow everyone to collaborate securely hence ensuring that accurate information reaches all the consumers.
Information is instantly retrieved
With ADDDED247, all the information can be easily retrieved. It works like a search tool hence allowing every user to reclaim any lost data.
Complexity is minimized
ADDDED247 has unusual automated processes that have been beneficial in improving all the process from the bid management, design reviews and submittals.
Streamline compliance
ADDDED247 takes care of all work. Save more time by compiling all the regulatory and the internal compliance data so that everything works in a streamlined way.
There is nothing more appealing than a flexible platform that will always deliver even under a change of strategy. ADDDED247 can easily reconfigure workflows or any other form of documents.