General Contractor
Cloud-based project information management tool
It’s a perfect, platform that affirms security and compliance! Effective and convenient collaborations
Quickly minimize the risks associated with overruns as you master complexity.
ADDDED247 is a tool that promotes proper coordination with all the stakeholders and the subordinate staff. You easily coordinate with subcontractors, consultants, trades, and project managers. It also ensures that you are fully aware of the status of documents and correspondence.
All you need is an account!
Simply log in or signup and you are ready to get started with ADDDED247!
Improves time management
Spend less time searching for information. Structure all the review processes so that everything including the feasibility studies happen properly.
Eliminate bottlenecks
ADDDED247 is a great tool that streamlines all the procedures. It is a smart project collaboration software that will ensure that you always stay up the board with no impact on timelines.
All project information available with a click of a button
All the project team members will be able to access information, whether they are using the web or even a mobile. You enjoy a google-like search technology!
It is a smart way to analyze your project
ADDDED247 is an intelligent tool that can quickly help you retrieve all the documents. All kinds of drawings. Intelligent reporting and dashboards to analyze project status
Up to date information security
This platform annually undergoes a third-party audit to ensure that it maintains its statue of providing the highest level of information security. We ensure that we change the dynamic nature of the threats.
No compromise with compliance
You can easily retrieve compliance-related documentations with no threat of work delays or any project cost increases.
Data retention is automatic.
All actions on ADDDED247 has a permanent data audit trail. You will also like the permanent copies of documents, mails and workflows with multiple back ups on the cloud