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Meet the deadlines with ADDDED247
Communicating with stakeholders
You can easily track all kinds of communications with the government agencies and all other stakeholders with the ADDDED247 mail. This process ensures accuracy, consistency, and a complete record of a project!
Accountability in project information management
Responsibility and proper workflow in every task are simple with an ADDDED247. It will be great to have accountability in documents and correspondence across all the organizations.
Enhanced distribution of any file size
Whether it’s Drawings, reports, specifications, tenders or any other documentation, ADDDED247 can handle the distribution of any file size irrespective of how many times it’s distributed in the platform.
RFI Management
You can be sure to provide timely answers and clarification when you use the ADDDED247. All the project teams’ will enjoy the convenience of quickly closing the RFIs faster.
An efficient online viewer
Using an online viewer to review and mark up the design files is made simple by ADDDED247.
High-class handovers
The built-in handover process will automatically do the handover process. It ensures that all the owners receive complete handover documents.
Better storage with no duplicates
ADDDED247 is a useful tool that will help you keep all the documents that are needed for preservation management. You will be able to avoid all the duplicative work.
Information security is rigorous
The multiple levels of security that the ADDDED247 has will ensure the safety of your data.
Effective coverage of information
ADDDED247 ensures that all your design files and shop drawings stay in one place. You will not have to deal with scattered information.