Joint Venture or Public-Private projects
A project-wide platform that gives you control to all the processes.
Always be on time, and stay on schedule!
Common Data Environment
ADDDED247 is an efficient platform that will make all operations in all the joint ventures to effectively discharge in a single platform.
Enjoy a real-time reporting
The ADDDED247 is a powerful reporting tool that always reports when you are on schedule or behind schedule.
All standard processes are easily implemented.
All the mail forms are configurable on the platform. You will be sure to have all the standard processes are well followed with no Compromise.
Work from anywhere
There is nothing more appealing than smart tools that will allow you to choose where you will prefer working! Work conveniently anywhere.
Understand all you need to know about your project
All the project team members get a smart way to access all the information from a web browser or even with a mobile device.
All information is permanently captured
Every action concerning every shared information is safe on a permanent audit trail.
Better productivity
Productivity is enhanced by an increased accountability and overall visibility of each and every step.
Compliance in all regulations
All information compiles in an easy to understand way so that all the agreements and regulatory requirements are attained.
All data are easily retrievable
ADDDED247 ensures that you adequately safeguard all the information and meet the quality assurance requirements with a full retention of the project documents.
All project information is readily available
The technology of ADDDED247 can scale to projects of any size across all the regions streamlining processes from bidding, construction, inspection, and also commissioning.