Oil & Gas
The collaboration that works for complex projects
A single platform for all
The platform supports multiple numbers of users efficiently with secure cloud-based software making it an excellent platform for convenience in large projects.
Supports large projects
The automated workflows ensure that you are in control of all the submissions and approvals. It serves all the proposed specifications and drawings.
Top-notch customer support
The ADDDED247 platform ensures that you are given top-notch customer services. You will get many benefits, such as training and maximum support for every person in every organization.
Vendor documentation
It’s now possible to capture, manage, and control all the documentations because the ADDDED247 platform gives you real-time vendor performance.
Secure Project Information
ADDDED247 is a smart tool that always takes care of issues of risks, leveraging evolving, and the layered security is compliant to the high standards.
Effective front-end engineering designs
With easy access to all documents related to front end engineering designs, you can be sure to drive significant cost savings with ADDDED247.
Easy procurement process
The systemized bidding processes and tender bidding process across all entire projects ensure that all the management practices are streamlined.
Easy regulatory procedures
The ADDDED247 manages the risk of increasing organizational complexity by enhancing better information management for health & Safety and all other regulatory requirements
Control over processes
ADDDED247 is a platform that improves overall control workflows.
Suitable for large projects
The platform is excellent for large and complex projects that will need various experts. It has no limits on data, file size, and the number of users.
Accurate startup and commissioning
An ADDDED247 platform will ensure that you verify all the mechanical completion and functionalities of all the project systems. It also accords that precise calibration of instruments. Rely on a complete dossier of all activities that are well captured.