Owner / Developer
Complete projects On Time and ON Budget and a key to rigorous adherence to all the timelines, budgets and quality
A clear accountability leads to insightful decisions
Better results from the better connection of teams, decisions and all processes
Easy way to communicate with stakeholders
ADDDED247 will make it possible to manage all the project stakeholders throughout all the project phases within the assurance of a real-time access to correct information
Quality in all the processes
A single source of truth with integrated project information across your portfolio. ADDDED247 will ensure that smart decisions and accountability is realized.
Transparency is assured
The procedures and all the decisions made are transparent when you use the ADDDED247 platform. All the decisions are based on the up to date information.
Quality design reviews
The consistent workflows will ensure that the reviews are kept flowing. Conflict resolution time is also significantly reduced.
Better control of project information
ADDDED247 is a platform with a single source of data, schedule and all the necessary project information.
Complies with all standards
Owners are given a smart way to comply with all the set standards easily. All the regulation set satisfies the stakeholders and the government.
Track all your processes
As an owner, you need to have all the information at a time you need them. You will be able to address the delays when it arises.
Better project performance
With ADDDED247, you will be able to improve your organizations performance due to increased accountability, accuracy and the overall quality of work.