Project Manager
Proper adherence to timelines and budgets All plans and specifications are efficiently distributed.
With a few clicks, all the information is effectively disseminated to sub-contractors.
Timely reporting tools
You will be happy with up to date reports that tell you if all stages of the project are working on schedule. ADDDED247 is a smart tool that will easily control all project risks
Easy way to track contractor progress
The real-time ADDDED247 dashboard will let you get all information at a glance whether contractors are on schedules or behind the schedule Always deliver at utmost convenience that beats expectation.
ADDDED247 accords a smart way to monitor approvals, claims, and submittals across the project
Increased overall performance
Complete visibility of every step for every member of the project team increases Visibility at every stage improves productivity.
Reviews and conflict resolution streamlined
Ensure that investigations are flowing. Keep the reviews floating and solve all the conflicts effectively.
Always make your clients happy!
Accurate information reaching stakeholders on real-time is a milestone to help complete projects on time and on budget
Maintain quality
Monitoring all the information that has an original design and planning decisions ensures that perfect condition is maintained, making sure the designs are built with accuracy
Regulation compliance
With ADDDED247, you are sure to manage easily environmental and regulatory compliance that satisfies all the stakeholders.