Residential & Commercial
We offer support to multiple projects industry-wide
The industry standard for managing the entire project information and processes
Project-wide control
We allow you to manage all your information and processes across the internal and external organizations, which makes us superior to most construction management software
Coordination with all stakeholders
Communications with all the stakeholders such as client, consultants, architects, and the contractors in a single platform. Additionally, you can share correspondences with all team members who can access the information anywhere at any time
Collaboration with all the project teams
ADDDED247 enables you to store and distribute any number of files, of any size and any type with all the project participants without any added costs
Meeting the deadlines
The platform creates an ecosystem to create workflows and enforce deadlines for the workflows, and therefore it enables the project to avoid penalties as a result of not meeting the deadlines.
Design Review – Know who is accessing the documents at all times
Why don’t you streamline the design review process with an automated workflow? This enables you to control all the people accessing and reviewing the documents such as detailed design and shop drawings at any time.
Improving RFIs and change orders
With ADDDED247, you can put a structure for submitting and approving RFIs
Put all essential and transparent project documents in one place
Store all valuable documents related to projects such as land acquisition and all the licenses with all the other project information to have a complete project record containing everything from its inception to handover.
Manage and Track Submittal efficiency
Improve your submittal efficiency by assembling all your critical documents at a single source of information
Get started in a few days
Our platform is 100% cloud, and you do not need any other software or hardware. It’s an intuitive interface that has global support. Therefore, getting started won’t take your time.
Guaranteed security
Information dissemination through the ADDDED247 is safe as disseminating any information in a firewall. This is because of our stringent safety practices that are certified by third parties.
Reduce the time of bidding close out-effective bid management
ADDDED247 creates a single platform that enables you to send and receive bid documents. Thus you reduce the bid processing time significantly.
International 24/7 support
Get unlimited 24/7 phone support to help you with any problems that you might have.