Road & Rail
Efficient delivery of all road and rail projects. Track all project information with ADDDED247
ADDDED247 has made it possible to deliver ahead of time in a stipulated budget! ADDDED247 makes it possible to run conventional processes faster.
It’s the solution for all project teams
Yes, the ADDDED247 is a solution to all stakeholders from the EPCs to all the sub contractors. Everyone is now able to share information with an ADDED247 In the most convenient way possible.
ADDDED247 is a trusted friend!
Using a highly scalable tool will ensure the information management and processes for public programs.
ADDED247 is great for JVs or PPPs
The ADDDED247 is a tool able to accommodate all kinds of projects and portfolios. You can use it for energy & Resources projects to even the construction of metro rail projects.
Projects workflows
You can be sure to keep all the information flowing between the project participants by enforcing rigorous workflows.
Design review and approval process
The ADDDED247 is a tool that supports files of any size, type or format. You will be able to view and comment using an online viewer
ADDDED247 simplifies the process of land acquisition
The tool will streamline the process of organizing the necessary documents for land acquisition and also share them with relevant members.
Procurement activity
Every procurement activity can be easily tracked, and you will be able to do a streamlined deployment of equipment and materials
Better communication
The process works by increasing communications and collaboration among contractors and government agencies.
Manage the commissioning process better
The ADDDED247 is now able to control and coordinate the commissioning process anywhere using a secure, cloud-based ADDDED247 platform and even mobile apps.
Improves productivity
The intuitive interface and the cloud-based architecture of the tool make it possible to manage mega projects globally, even when the teams are dispersed.
Security and safety is assured
The highest level of information security that the ADDDED247 practices have been tested and certified by third parties.
It’s a symbol of business integrity
ADDDED247 is a useful tool that has promoted the project transparency and captures every version of documents and interaction decisions.