Water & Waste
An effective project-wide information control
ADDDED247 is a tool for efficient operation
Easy access of all information in one platform
ADDDED247 accords a smart way to access all the information from documents or correspondence module
Every review process is standardized
ADDDED247 will allow you to standardize project-wide processes and will let you be in control of all the information that is distributed, reviewed, and also approved. The tool will help you know how the document is at any given moment and will prevent any shortcomings after that.
No restrictions on the amount of data you can use!
The tool will allow you to invite all the entire project team and manage much information and many processes as it is convenient for you.
Structured system of communication
You can now exchange communication in a single platform. You will be able to send large files with an assurance of proper dissemination.
Accountability is not compromised!
ADDDED247 is a tool that can support PPPs, JVs, and other complex project structures. The mechanism ensures that organizations can control their information as they stay updated on the project details hence making it possible to achieve a better and efficient decision.
Design review – Common Data Environment
The ADDDED247 will keep the design reviews moving. It can incorporate feedback from all the disciplines as well as maintaining a single source of project information.
Allows easy management of the bidding process
The bidding process is now easily manageable in an easy to use interface. Distributing packages, tracking the responses, and also adding few keywords is greatly simplified.
A quick start
Every project team will have great convenience with the device. You don’t need any hardware or software to install. You need an intuitive interface that is easy to learn.
It’s best for inspection
The tool has specific features that enable it to confirm that every piece of equipment complies with design specifications and safety regulations.
It is an assurance for maximum productivity
Enjoy great convenience with an ADDDED247 platform from the start to the finish of every project with a guarantee of delivering successful construction projects.In case you are dealing with drawings, BIM models, contracts, reports, schedules, tenders, and any bid documentation, the ADDDED247 will simplify the process of managing files of any size with any number of project participants.
Quality is assured
The ADDDED247 is a system that will allow you to the quality process. The tool will allow you to easily identify and quickly resolve any form of clashes during a virtual build and the actual construction.
Easy Commissioning
The ADDDED247 is a smart tool that will remove potential bumps while you are commissioning.
It has a complete set of contract documents, including a detailed description of all the components with plans and requirements for the field testing.
Easy way to drive adoption
All you get when you have the tool is ease in driving adoption throughout projects. You get the benefits of increased collaboration, which is coupled with robust information security.
Useful when dealing with permits and compliance documents
We are aware that all the permits and compliance documents become very voluminous with time. To alienate time wasted while searching for documents underlying construction permits, you can use a Metadata keywords to quickly access information.